Our story

Patrice Montuoro is the founder and current director of the family company specializing in the transformation of abandoned, poorly designed, poorly maintained, but geographically well located villas and apartments, into fabulous properties.

The French Riviera is a unique area in France where investors and future buyers from all over the world can find “the house of their dreams”. 

our story

A key man

The particularity of our job is to have a global vision of the potential of a property to get the quintessence of it. We will thus give a new identity to the property by rethinking its overall design, remodeling the volumes, most of the time extending the living space, and of course the refurbishing the plumbing, electricity, roofing, wood or aluminum joinery. We will replace the heating systems with more eco friendly solutions. 

More than a “property for sale”, our houses are places of life, thought and decorated to the smallest detail. During your visits, you will already feel at home! This unique concept has made Patrice Montuoro one of the most recognized players on the French Riviera in the luxury real estate renovation sector.

Patrice Montuoro

CEO / Founder

If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong


Administrative & financial director / Decorator


Accounting assistant

The team gathered around Patrice Montuoro, united by the taste for beauty allows to restructure, redesign and decorate as much the interior of houses and apartments, as the exterior of villas and properties giving them a touch and an atypical style combining the beautiful and the practical.